All about Lowry

This term Mrs Murphy has been teaching us all about Lowry!
Lowry is a painter, he uses dark colours. Is that because of the weather? Anyway we drew some houses and factories similar to his. We had to do very light drawing, that means we pressed the pencil lightly. One of the Lowry’s was called Lowry. Hehehe! One of my friends lives quite near Lowry’s house. I don’t know the exact year though. Lowry’s paintings are quiet interesting though because you might now what he’s feeling in that picture.

If people want to by his original picture they have to be rich. That means you have to earn lots of money. On his door there is a sigh saying that he lived there. His pictures are very realistic. His Dad died in 1932 and his Mum died 1939. Lowry died in 1976 February 23rd. Many of his drawings were painted in Pendlebury. He was born in the 1st of November 1887 number 8 Barrett Street. His Mum was called Elizabeth. He drew over a 1000 paintings! He had no cars in his paintings just horse crags. Lowry loved football. He wasn’t very good at drawing horses’ legs so children helped him. He was a British painter. He was in Salford University.

By Liya


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