Mary Seacole

Today in class we have been learning about Mary Seacole. Here is a bit about her life.

In 1853 a war broke out in Crimea, Russia. Mary Seacole was determined to help, so she wrote a letter to the British War Office. A couple of days later, Mary set out, yet the goverment had said no. They did not want any women nurses in the war. Her mother had been a nurse and now Mary wanted to save the ill and the injured soldiers.

So she set up a field hospital that the soldiers called the British Hotel. She would give them comfortable beds and lots of nice food to eat. Every evening, Mary went out onto the battlefield but she might have been risking her life. She always took her donkey with her which was loaded with medicine and food. When the war ended, she got three medals for kindness and bravery.

By Lily M.


4 thoughts on “Mary Seacole

  1. Very interesting piece of writing Lily, and your Grandad had a meeting at Salford University only last week in the Mary Seacole building !! What a coincidence !!

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