My holiday

In August 2013 me, Kirsty, mum and dad went to Florida for three weeks. On the first day we unpacked and had a rest. On the second day we went for dinner at Cinderella’s castle in magic kingdom. For starter I had some grapes and cheese, for dinner I had chicken nuggets and for pudding I had ice cream. We even got to decorate it. A few days later we went to Epcot! My favourite ride is Soaring’. At night we watched a firework display. The day after that we went to one of the water parks, called blizzard beach. While we were there we went on a family raft. We also went on Fahrenheit drop. A few days later we went to Magic kingdom again and had dinner at crystal palace. I had meatballs and pasta, it was so lovely I went to get seconds. Then for pudding we had some ice cream then we had a celebration and went back to the hotel and I played on my iPad. The next day we went to the airport and went home.


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