Manchester Jewish Museum

On Monday 5th January Year 3 had a special visitor who told them a little bit about the Jewish Museum. It made us all feel very excited about our school trip the following day! She even dressed Alfie up in traditional Jewish clothes.IMG_1354IMG_1352

On Tuesday 6th January, Year 3 got on a coach and travelled into Manchester to visit the Manchester Jewish Museum. Before we had even got inside the building the children were impressing the staff with their knowledge of Jewish artefacts, such as the mezuzah on the door post.

When we were inside the helpful ladies explained that the museum had once been a synagogue where the local Jewish community had prayed. The class thought it was beautiful and recognised lots of its features, such as the Torah scrolls and the Ark, from their Judaism lessons with Mrs Murphy.

First the children were asked to sort and describe different Jewish artefacts and then they dressed each other up in traditional Jewish clothes.

riley nathanpat torah


Next then children had to sort out activities and tasks on a whiteboard, based on whether or not Jewish people are able to do them on the Sabbath or not. The children enjoyed planning their own Sabbath activities and looking at all of the Jewish artefacts.


The children also acted out a traditional Jewish ceremony and learned how the Torah scrolls were carried around the synagogue.

jamie myayiyang llearna scrollchn

Finally we took part in a very practical version of the Exodus story. It was lots of fun.


We had a lovely time at the Jewish Museum and learned a lot.

coach home


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