Y3’s version of Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson

In Year 3 we are learning about the Stone Age and we found a really great story by Julia Donaldson that linked to this topic.

Cave Baby is a story about a Stone Age baby who gets bored and lonely so he paints over his mother’s cave paintings to make them more interesting. His parents get cross and tell him to behave or he’ll be taken by a woolly mammoth to a big, brown bear!

The children read the story and retold in their own words orally and in their books.

Then, yesterday they looked at how Julia Donaldson’s books rhyme and how this creates a rhythm. We practiced performing the story using actions and the rhythm. After that the children did a fantastic job of creating their own version of some of the verses in groups. They changed the words to create different rhyming couplets and gave the story an interesting, new plot.


[vimeo 121688675]

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